The National Federation of Timber Traders is an organization of timber traders in Belgium. The federation’s main role is to prescribe guidelines for product standards, quality, and sustainability in the country’s timber supply chain. Our members include timber manufacturers, merchants, importers, and agents. Purchasing wood products from the members of the federation means buying timber that you can trust. This site serves as a compendium of information, guidance, and additional resources for all our members and other market stakeholders.


Our members are the leader and forerunners when it comes to supplying Belgium with quality timbre and timber products for the construction and design industries. The organization’s mission is to put our members as well as their businesses at the core of the country’s construction and industrial strategy. With years and years of heritage and expertise behind us, we provide our members with sound technical, trade, and sustainability advice and recommendations, on top of political and industry representation.


Why We Exist

In order to show our dedication to the highest standards of product quality and sustainable practices, all members of the National Federation of Timber Traders are required to follow our code of conduct. We have a highly qualified team composed of representatives from key ares in the country which handles our day-to-day operations. Our team also constantly interacts with our members and other stakeholders to enable us to rapidly adapt to shifting market forces and offer a wide range of opportunities for our members’ needs.


We understand the importance of profitability for our members. As such, we offer them specialist business consultancy, which utilizes the years of combined knowledge and experience of our expert team. At the core of our operations rests the belief that properly supporting the legal and sustainable harvesting of wood products is crucial for the continued growth and success of the timber industry.


Climate change, environmental problems, and issues surrounding sustainable materials are becoming a significant part of the political agenda and are also part of the current public discourse. The organization supports sustainably managed forests and local economies in the country and the rest of the world. To achieve our goals and mission, we foster strong partnerships through collaboration among our members. We offer them sufficient opportunities for opportunities and growth, and represent them with a powerful voice.


Programs and Advocacy

The National Federation of Timber Traders offers commercial and technical information of the Belgian wood industry and its products. To increase public awareness and knowledge, our team regularly attends trade fairs to out technical information leaflets, as well as partakes in conferences and discussions with journalists. We build understanding and demand in the country for wood products that are sustainably sourced.


Whenever a project or question requires it, the National Federation of Timber Traders will create a special informational piece. Our most recent projects includes the creation of tools, guides, links and reference sources which aim to provide members with enough information to complete and apply a due diligence system to their business processes.